New Products? Pretty Please? Anyone? Bueller?

So here’s the thing.  You all know by now that I run a little business called PoolDawg that sells pool cues and billiard supplies.  I’ve been doing it for about 7 years now and I do enjoy myself, but the industry is not without its frustrations.  In pretty much every other business I’ve ever worked in, there is always a stream of fresh products.  In the billiards biz though, not so much.

Sure, you get your new cue models every year, but in most cases it’s just the same thing being rehashed.  More sneaky petes, more points, more dragons, more wolves.  With the same old, same old, you also get the standard complaints that Company X is ripping off Company Y’s designs although to be fair, how many different things can you really do with points, inlays and veneers?  The guys over at Viking do some innovative stuff with designs, but they only seem to come out with new models every few years and now that they’ve gone through closing and re-opening their doors, I’m guessing we’ll be sitting on the old “G” series for at least another year.

And this is why I never bother to go to the BCA Expo.  Every year all the manufacturers get together to booth up and show their new wares and every year (except for Charlotte a few years back because we were a sponsor of the now defunct pro event) I skip it.

It’s kind of sad, really.  This event is supposed to be for manufacturers to show their new stuff off to retailers, but I just don’t see the point of spending the dough to look at 100 or so booths where I’m just going to see the same old stuff.  When I worked in the toy and videogame biz, events like Toy Fair and E3 weren’t just “must” destinations, they were events that everyone in the industry really looked forward to.  How many people have you talked to in the pool biz that are all “Hells yeah I’m going to the expo!”?

I get that the billiards industry is small, but that doesn’t mean the annual expo should be missable.  For anyone who thinks along the lines of “why don’t you stop bitching and come up with a killer app for pool then”, keep in mind that I’m not a manufacturer.  I’m just looking for new stuff to sell.  And no, yet another tip tool doesn’t count as new or innovative regardless of how many functions the creator claims it has.  Give me a reason to attend and I’ll schlep to Vegas, but until that happens I’ll go Pasadena on the expo.

Weight: 180.4 lbs
BMI: 25.9
Today’s Mileage:  zilch (not a total slacker though, since I’ve logged 14 miles this week)

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Weekend Gluttony

This past weekend was of course Father’s Day, which is one of two days out of the year where I get to do pretty much whatever I want.  Since I have a very nice wife and two pretty cool kids, I spent the entire weekend rockin’ in the key of awesome.  Friday night was a trip downtown to the Buell for some grub and to watch Rock of Ages.  Rather than go somewhere foofoo, we got our eat on at Sam’s No. 3, a diveish old school coffee shop.  After a couple of giant beers and a 1/2 burger, we walked over to the show.

Rock of Ages was a really good time.  Basically, its Mamma Mia except instead of Abba and some chick trying to figure out which guy is her pop, its 80s hair bands and buttrock (Journey, Styx, Whitesnake, Quiet Riot, etc) telling the story of two kids looking for fame and fortune on the Sunset Strip.  Good tunes, weak, loose story, a handful of jokes you’d probably only get if you grew up in LA in the 80s.  Basically an all around good time.


Saturday was chillin’ at the house, doing the home burrito bar and watching a couple of Ahhnuld flicks that only I would like (The Running Man and True Lies) and Sunday was a family outing to catch Super 8 (really good flick btw) followed by more food and a crazy homemade chocolate chip cookie cake with chocolate frosting, cream cheese and peanut butter chips on top.  So, not even a 5 mile run closing in on my best time could stop me from putting some poundage back on.

Weight: 183 lbs
BMI: 26.2
Today’s Mileage: 5 miles
Today’s Time: 45:33

Oh, and apparently Allison Fisher won the US Open.  I’ll talk about that another time.

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Crunchy Grooves – Second Skin

Yes, I know there’s a WPBA event this weekend.  No, I’m not spending much time following it.  Rooting for Liz Ford of course, since she’s a good friend and a PoolDawg monthly contributor, but its hard to get too excited about the WPBA nowadays between the lack of events and the fact that we don’t have a WPBA player rep anymore.

Meh.  Head over to AZ Billiards, as I’m sure Mike and Jerry will be posting write ups (or just check the old WPBA pdf brackets).

That and I took today off from exercising mainly because I had way too much box wine last night. This Friday’s crunchy groove comes to us from Widespread Panic.  The band is mos def an acquired taste, but once you’re in, you won’t ever want out.  High quality recording of Second Skin. Out.

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