Today in Badvertising – Maxwell the Geico Piggy

Geico continues to amaze me.  They have a way of taking something clever and continually beating it into the ground until everyone just hates it.  First it was the cavemen, then it was the gecko, now it’s that damn pig.

The first had the pig going “weeee, weeee, weeee” all the way home.  Pretty clever play on the old nursery rhyme:

Then they decided to try and expand on the joke with the pig on a zip line.  Less funny, really getting away from the joke and having nothing to do with auto insurance.

And now they have the pig doing the street luge.

See, here’s the problem. It’s a one note joke. It’s clown shoes. The first time you see it, it’s funny, but the the more you see it, the more you start to hate it. I get the whole concept of creating a company mascot, but make a choice and stick with it. Seriously.

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New PoolDawg TV Spot

Well, we’re done with the new TV spot.  I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

Production: Citizen Pictures
Voiceover: Gregg Stone (aka Uncle Nasty from 106.7 KBPI)

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