How To Rank #1 On Google

Great mashup and good for a chuckle. If you’re in the biz, you’ll appreciate. Nice to see that Cutts has a sense of humor.

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Another Crappy Burger King Ad

Burger King has really lost their way.  The company no longer has any identity at all.  Using Steven Tyler in their latest ad is just a sad, pathetic attempt to identify with the American Idol crowd (which continues to hemorrhage viewers thanks to their completely uninteresting panel).

In their latest effort to try and appeal to the masses, they’ve dipped deep into the lazy creative director’s bag of tricks:

Step 1: Find a “wacky” spokesperson who’s completely played out but still seen as a “big name” to the suits.

Step 2: Make a commercial that the suits will think is clever and funny but will cause your audience to immediately change the channel.

Step 3: Close commercial with a vague jingle/tagline that doesn’t really mean anything.  “Exciting things are happening at Burger King”.  Seriously?  Steven Tyler acting like an insane jackass is exciting? WTF does that mean to anyone who’s looking to buy their food anyway?

The old creepy king ads were polarizing and ultimately unsuccessful, but at least they were memorable.  This commercial is nothing but noise that will be forgotten seconds after it airs.

In other news, got back on track yesterday and did 4.25 miles. For the menu, see my post around this time last week, as all three meals were the same (except substitute steak for shrimp).

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