What To Write, What To Write

I suppose I should write something, since this stupid blog costs me like $100 per year between the domain and hosting.  Honestly, there hasn’t been much to write  about.  Business is keeping me busy as it should, having two teenage daughters is keeping me drinking (as I knew it would) and I’ve become pretty obsessed with the Xbox (which I originally bought for the kids).

The thing about the Xbox is that the games are seriously awesome.  I’m not much of a fan of the FPS types of games anymore, so instead I’m going more for first person immersive games.  I ran through Dead Island a couple of times (the second was simply to “get my money’s worth” since I skipped some of the side quests the first time around). But Skyrim, as the kids today say, is the shiznit (well, that’s probably what the kids were saying about 5 years ago, but it still sounds cool and hip to me).

I started out as a lizard, but then quickly realized that lizards are totally weak and lame, so I switched to an orc, because orcs are hella cool.

So while my teenage girls act like teenage girls, I descend into my cave, pour an adult soda and beat the crap out of stuff with my kickass orc, Orco.

This weekend though, I’m back in LA to hang with the OG Feiman clan.  My sister’s son is doing the Bar Mitzvah thing, so we’re chillin’ in the valley ready to see my nephew do the whole “becoming a man” shtick (which I can personally say was not nearly as cool as the first time I became a man the way the gentiles do it).

But anyway, Friday night services tonight, Bar Mitzvah manana and party time on Sunday, which should be a good time since we’re taking over a suite at the last Lakers game of the season.

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Today in Badvertising – Maxwell the Geico Piggy

Geico continues to amaze me.  They have a way of taking something clever and continually beating it into the ground until everyone just hates it.  First it was the cavemen, then it was the gecko, now it’s that damn pig.

The first had the pig going “weeee, weeee, weeee” all the way home.  Pretty clever play on the old nursery rhyme:

Then they decided to try and expand on the joke with the pig on a zip line.  Less funny, really getting away from the joke and having nothing to do with auto insurance.

And now they have the pig doing the street luge.

See, here’s the problem. It’s a one note joke. It’s clown shoes. The first time you see it, it’s funny, but the the more you see it, the more you start to hate it. I get the whole concept of creating a company mascot, but make a choice and stick with it. Seriously.

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