New “Drive High Get A DUI” Campaign from the Colorado DOT

PSA’s are tough.  Generally speaking, PSA’s all have some sort of “don’t do this” message.  You can’t make them too preachy or graphic, as those typically get completely ignored and turn off the core audience.  At the same time, if you use humor, you have to make sure that you’re not making light of the core point.  It’s a fine line to walk, and here’s how the CDOT went about it:

These ads are, let’s just call it “fine”. I love the fact that the ads aren’t preachy or hyperbolic like those gawdawful “buying drugs means you’re a murderer who supports terrorism” ads, but they’re also not terribly memorable.  It’s just sort of a one note joke that people will likely see, give a quick chuckle and forget.

The visuals simply aren’t strong enough (or funny enough) to stand alone.  Not the worst PSA campaign I’ve ever seen, but it certainly isn’t a single tear running down the face of of a Native American either.

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T-Mobile Outed As A Link Buyer On Twitter

And who did the outing?  T-Mobile did it to themselves (along with the company they’re buying links from).  This story (and the screen grab) are credited to Barry over at although amazingly as of 6:35AM MST, the entire conversation is still up on Twitter.


Aside from the complete stupidity of having this conversation where the entire world can see it, the real question is how long it will take for Matt “El Kabong” Cutts and Google to take action on T-Mobile (the alleged buyer) and (the alleged seller).

The reality is that we all know that large brands buy links.  The fact that this was discussed by the buyer and seller in public on Twitter is shockingly stupid.  Perhaps the only thing more shocking is that this discussion has been up for the most part since March 7th and it took this long for it to be found.  iAcquire, the broker mentioned in the article was outed a couple years ago as a link seller and banned by Google.

Kudos to Barry and SERoundtable for breaking this.

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Today in Hack-vertising – Virgin Mobile “An Obvious Deal”

More like “An Obvious Ad Concept Ripoff”

I was watching TV the other day and this ad for Virgin Mobile came on:

I immediately thought to myself, wow, this looks quite a bit like something I saw a couple years ago:

When a hack like me rips a concept from a multi-billion dollar company, that’s one thing (as I am a hack with no budget, no PR firm, no ad agency, you get the idea). When a multi-billion dollar company rips creative from a smaller up and comer, that’s truly pathetic.

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