Lake Street Dive Covers “I Want You Back” On A Boston Sidewalk

Covers can be pretty hit or miss, but this one is just way beyond awesome. The pipes on Rachael Price are beyond unreal. How they managed to get that level of sound quality while playing on a sidewalk is absolutely mind boggling.

Seriously, how awesome is it to work with a bunch of people with wildly different musical tastes (Lake Street Dive comes to me via our awesomely awesome graphic designer).  Thanks to them, I get to learn about all sorts of hidden gems ranging from bluegrass, southern rock and country to rap and metal.

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Pissed Off Webmaster’s 5 Minute Rant On Google Hangout

I love me some Search Engine Roundtable. I read Barry’s website on a daily basis and he consistently finds some of the most unique stuff that no one else reports on (or at least they don’t report on it until Barry puts it out there first).  Seriously, first thing I do when I get in the office is head over to Barry’s site and see what’s brewing in the world of search.

One of the more interesting finds came up this morning from a Google Webmaster Hangout.  If you skip to the 8 minute mark, you can catch Gary Lee really laying into John Mueller about the fact that they’ve been playing by the rules for years and can’t crack page 1 because they have a bunch of black hats in their industry doing black hat stuff.

I’m sure that most of us who focus on white hat can feel this guy’s pain.  Unfortunately, this is hardly surprising.  It doesn’t matter what the search engines do.  People will always find shortcuts and black hat tactics.  And yes, there will always be a double standard when it comes to big sites vs small sites.  It sucks, but you can’t fight the white whale and expect to win.

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