Taco Bell – Not As Clever As Everyone Thinks

Ah, how people forget. Everyone’s loving the new Taco Bell ads that feature lots of guys named Ronald McDonald enjoying some new Taco Bell breakfast sandwich. Well, as with most things, it’s been done before (and better). Back in 2002, Jack in the Box did a very similar ad where Jack brings his new burger to a guy named, you guessed it, Ronald McDonald.

Here’s the TB version in case you’re the one person in the world who hasn’t seen it.

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Print Ad Perfection – Game of Thrones Edition

I got my copy of Entertainment Weekly this weekend and was greeted by this on the back cover:


Now you might be wondering how an ad that doesn’t even have the name of the show on it can be considered so awesome. Here’s why:

If you’re already a viewer of Game of Thrones, the ad tells you everything about the upcoming season:

  • Bran will be looking for the 3 eyed crow
  • The Lannisters are gonna get some well deserved karma
  • Joff is going to learn exactly what the words “valar morghulis” mean

If you’re not a viewer of Game of Thrones, after seeing this ad you’ll immediately go and find a viewer to explain what it means, then hit your VOD to bingewatch the first three seasons.

It also follows the same pattern they’ve been using for the previous seasons:

  • One powerful image
  • One memorable (and meaningful) phrase
  • Launch date

Completely f’ing brilliant.

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Effective Billboard Ad from Gain Detergent

It may seem like billboard ads are easy, but the reality is that it is exceptionally difficult to make a high impact, memorable billboard ad.  In most cases, people have about 2 seconds max to see the piece.  That means you have to create something that is memorable with a clear message to be digested by someone doing one or more of the following:

  • Going 55 mph
  • Talking on the phone
  • Trying to avoid an accident
  • Shaving
  • Putting on makeup
  • Getting cut off by asshole drivers
  • Singing off key to whatever’s on the radio
  • Scolding their kids who are fighting in the back seat

That’s why it’s always impressive to see an outdoor ad that succeeds, which brings us to this billboard from Gain detergent:


The colors are right, the message is clear.  The brand is visible.  Even the stupid hashtag is easy to remember.

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