Zara And Their “Honest Mistakes”

Oh, those wacky kids over at Zara’s.  If you’re not familiar with the brand, think of it like Kohl’s or H&M for Europe.  They’ve got about 2,000 stores worldwide with pretty much all of them being located in Europe.  They focus on selling “fashion forward” clothes and accessories at affordable prices.  Apparently “fashion forward” is code for “racially insensitive”.

Back in 2007, the company briefly carried a bag with what appeared to be large swastikas on it:



The media caught wind of it and Zara’s released the following statement: “We did not realise Swastikas appeared on some of these bags, the swastika was not on the bag which was sourced by us after being supplied by an external producer.  Of course we apologise to anyone who was offended by the bag, and we will be withdrawing it from all our stores.”

Ok, fair enough I guess.  I’m not sure how the entire company at Zara’s (the buyers, the store managers, the floor staff) all seemed to miss the glaring and obvious, but they apologized and pulled the product.

Flash forward to the present and the good folks at Zara’s have done it again.  This time, they released a shirt designed for kids – blue and white striped shirt with a giant yellow Star of David “Sheriff’s Badge” on the front.


When asked about it by the Jerusalem Post, a Zara spokesperson stated: “It has nothing to do with the Second World War or whatever. The inspiration had to do with the old classic western movies. Obviously we are very attentive to the sensitivity of our customers. we made a mistake in this case.”

I can totally see how this was an “honest mistake”.  After all, it’s not like they’ve only released clothing that is insensitive to Jewish people.  Just a couple weeks ago, the company had to pull a t-shirt they were selling that stated in huge letters “White Is The New Black“.  Plus, if you look really, really closely, there is the word “Sheriff” that is barely legible on the star.

Based on Zara’s comments and behavior, their designers and buyers aren’t antisemitic or racist.  They’re just complete morons.

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Sigh… Crappy Way To Start A Day

I opened my copy of the Wall Street Journal this morning to find this along with an article discussing the worldwide issue of antisemitism:

(credit: Wall Street Journal)

Depressing, but sadly, not surprising. These are the results of an in-depth study (over 53,000 people across over 100 countries in 96 different languages) by the Anti-Defamation League. Silver lining? Only 9% of those polled in the United States are still antisemitic, down from 29% based on the first such study that took place in 1964 (Laos is the least antisemitic country at only 0.2%).

Antisemitism doesn’t surprise me.  It’s been around forever and there will always be people filled with hate.  What did surprise (and thoroughly depress) me was the fact that only 48% of those polled under the age of 35 were even aware that the Holocaust happened. Seriously, what the fuck are the schools teaching?

If you have a WSJ account, check out the article here.  Or, check out the full results of the study at the ADL Global 100 site (numbers to be released at 8:30AM MST).

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Today in Badvertising: Norelco Brings Visions of the Buffalo Bill Tuck Dance

I was watching TV the other night and saw this abortion of a commercial:

As the Delta Bravo in this ad closes with the line “I’d Fuck Me” (blurred out muted out of course), all I can think of is Buffalo Bill putting on lipstick, looking in the mirror and saying “I’d Fuck Me” while the girl in the pit desperately tries to escape (skip to about 1:40 if you don’t want to watch the whole scene).

Making customers remember one of the most disturbing scenes in moviemaking history. Good work Norelco. Very slow clap worthy.

Oh, and thanks for including the waffled out picture of the dude shaving his junk on your promo site. Nothing makes me want to buy an electric razor more than when I see a blurred out twig and berries with the following selling point:

“We’d never put your junk in harm’s way. Quite the opposite in fact, the grooming attachment will safely help your junkyard look more like the family jewels they were born to be by doing some house cleaning on those short & curlies.”

Unoriginal, Uninspired, Unwatchable.

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