Today In Badvertising – Cottonelle Commando

Oh look. Cottonelle is trying to be “edgy” and show how “hip” and “cool” their brand is:



As print ads go, this is among the more disgusting ones I’ve seen in quite some time.  Apparently the purpose of this ad is to tell us that we can now wear white pants and not worry about shit stains when we go commando, since Cottonelle does such a bang up job keeping our collective poopers clean.

I’m not a prude.  Really, I’m not. I just have no interest in going commando, nor do I have any interest in knowing who goes commando amongst the people I associate and work with.  I know, I know.  It’s “in” to go commando.   I know that toilet paper is among the more challenging things to market since a) it is a commodity and b) it is used to clean up human waste.  Even so, the thought of someone walking around with poo stains on their pants because they didn’t wipe well enough is beyond vile.  The fact that Cottonelle wants to be known as the brand that helps protect your white pants from skidmarks makes me think that they might want to have a talk with Trisect, the agency that conceptualized this campaign.

“Credit” for this abomination goes to:

Photographer: Liz Von Hoene
Studio: Stockland Martel
Retoucher: Kellie Kulton
Agency: Trisect
Chief Creative Officer: Chris Cancilla
Chief Strategy Officer: Gabe Misarti
Executive Creative Director: Kevin Hughes
Group Creative Director: Mel Routhier
Senior Copywriter: Dan Lewis
Senior Art Director: Garrett Fleming
Copywriter: Aaron Vick
Group Account Director: Soraya Faber
Account Director: Meg Graeff
Account Executive: Jeanette Polanin
Strategic Planning Director: Danielle Simon
Producer: Corrine Serritella