Joff’s Dead… All Hail King Tommen?


There are characters you love to hate and then there are characters you just hate.

For anyone that’s read the books, this wasn’t exactly a shocker. The most hated character since Lori Grimes bit the dust on Sunday. Like everyone, I couldn’t stand Joffrey. I hated him in the books and hated him even more in the show (which really is a testament to just how thoroughly Jack Gleeson crushed it in this role), but the fact that they have to make a 7 year old king (who for some reason is being played by a 15 year old in the show) just blows.  Plus, I was pretty disappointed with how they represented the ridiculously lavish 77 course wedding meal.  The show made it lavish, but not to the level that it was in the book.  Not even close.

I won’t go so far as to say I’ll miss Joff, but I really would’ve rather seen a Theon to Reek transformation for Joff instead of a simple poisoning.

What will be really interesting is to see what Peter Dinklage does with the role this season (since he’s going to spend pretty much the rest of the season in the dungeons).  Should be an interesting challenge and it’ll be fun to watch.

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Perfect Print Ads from Knifewear

knifewear-tuna knifewear-pork

Love, love, love this. A single, memorable image that resonates with the core audience and a logo for the brand.

The image tells you everything you need to know about the knives:

  • Precision
  • Professional
  • High End
  • Elegant

The only problem?  When you go to their website, the print imagery doesn’t sync up at all with the dated, sloppy site design.

Brand name: Knifewear
Agency: Maclaren Mccann Calgary
Country: Canada
Released: December 2012

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Taco Bell – Not As Clever As Everyone Thinks

Ah, how people forget. Everyone’s loving the new Taco Bell ads that feature lots of guys named Ronald McDonald enjoying some new Taco Bell breakfast sandwich. Well, as with most things, it’s been done before (and better). Back in 2002, Jack in the Box did a very similar ad where Jack brings his new burger to a guy named, you guessed it, Ronald McDonald.

Here’s the TB version in case you’re the one person in the world who hasn’t seen it.

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