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Warren Haynes Doin’ The Dew

Warren did a show at Red Rocks with the Colorado Symphony the other day, covering a bunch of Grateful Dead songs. Could’ve seen this live, but my cheap ass refused to shell out 70 bucks for a ticket.  My bad, since this looks like it would’ve been pretty sweet.

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Whip It Flowchart

Sometimes things come up that remind me why teh interwebs are so awesome.


I miss Devo.

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Sick Groupon and Crunchy Grooves

$40 for $20 Groupon at the Queen Victoria in The Riv

I was gonna skip posting today, but I saw this Groupon and had to pass it on.  Most of us have to spend some time at The Riv and really there’s only one decent place to eat – The Queen Vic Pub.  For the next couple days, you can get a $40 for $20 deal through Groupon.  They’re good for 6 months, so if you’re going to be there in August for APA Nationals, I’d recommend jumping on this one.

As for the crunchy grooves, here’s a little Jerry and Wally doing Pure Life. Happy Friday!

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