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As The AZ Billiards World Turns – Rodney Morris v CSI Edition


For those of you who read this blog and don’t play pool, there’s a website called AZ Billiards that plays host to a huge forum where pool players can go to talk about all things pool. There’s lots of great information there, but what really sells is the drama.

In this week’s installment, it seems that pro pool player and 2013 US 10 Ball Open Champion Rodney Morris has been banned from participating in any future Cue Sports International (CSI) events.

As the thread is now 29 pages and counting, I’ll give you the synopsis:

The Main Players:

Rodney Morris: World Class Pool Player, Mosconi Cup Member, winner of several major championships. Never met the guy, but seems like a nice guy.

Mark Griffin: Billiards Industry Power Player. Owns CSI which includes the BCA Pool League, USA Pool League, The Action Report and a number of pro events.

The Synopsis after skimming the 25+ page thread:

Apparently Rodney posted some stuff on Facebook about the 10 Ball Championships (which he won) that were seen as putting CSI in an unfavorable light. Shortly thereafter, Griffin announced that his events would be invitation only instead of open events.  Rodney finds out that he’s barred from these events and drama ensues.

In the process, one poster will come in and try to derail the thread by talking about her hatred of the BCA (the trade org that she absurdly thinks lives in palaces eating filet mignon 3x daily, not the pool league), will post pictures of her boyfriend posing with other pool players and try to bring the spotlight on her.  Soon after, another poster will come in and try to grab the spotlight so he can sell his DVDs.

I don’t know either of these guys at all and I’m not even going to try and judge who’s in the right and who’s in the wrong.  Frankly, I don’t have any skin in this game. I will say though that the thread is wildly entertaining, especially for anyone outside the biz that is curious about the way pool politics work and how riled up people get about it.

What I do know though is that at some point the this guy who goes by the name of “Mr. Wilson” will come in and start threatening everyone to keep their opinions to themselves unless they want to, as he puts it, “take a permanent AZB vacation”. He loves to flop his ban hammer out on the table for everyone to see as often as possible and is probably responsible for more people leaving the AZB community than any other single member.

Seriously, go check it out.  Remember though, I’m not taking sides.  Just sharing what’s already out there.

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Krom Pool Balls?

I get the whole idea of trying to do something new and different with anything in pool. After all, there hasn’t been a significant change in how pool balls are made for something like 100 years. That said, I’m not so sure this is the best way to go.

Yes, they do look kinda cool, but functionality is a huge issue. Those balls are going to reflect EVERYTHING.  Seriously, how am I supposed to see the edge of the ball for a cut shot if I have to stare at my double chin every time I get down for a shot?

The guy who’s making these is the same guy who did the Elephant Balls so the quality should be good and the balls look like they’re going to conform to standard specifications, but with an MSRP of $249.95, it’s going to be a really tough sell.

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