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Flashback Levi’s Awesomeness – Claymation Boombastic

Now this is how to do a long run commercial.

The claymation is awesome, the humor is solid and clearly ties back to the core marketing message, there’s an actual story and you seriously can’t go wrong with Shaggy.  Too bad it didn’t get much run in the US outside of MTV.

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Perfect Print Ads from Knifewear

knifewear-tuna knifewear-pork

Love, love, love this. A single, memorable image that resonates with the core audience and a logo for the brand.

The image tells you everything you need to know about the knives:

  • Precision
  • Professional
  • High End
  • Elegant

The only problem?  When you go to their website, the print imagery doesn’t sync up at all with the dated, sloppy site design.

Brand name: Knifewear
Agency: Maclaren Mccann Calgary
Country: Canada
Released: December 2012

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