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Well That Was An Interesting Year

Looking back on 2013, I could easily say that it was a shit year and I’m glad it’s over.  When death happens, it seems to bring out people’s true colors.  My mom died in November, losing her battle with cancer.  There were people who we counted as some of our closest friends who we seriously overestimated and people who we didn’t know that well that we seriously underestimated.

I could dwell on all the bad stuff that happened, but the reality is that a lot of awesomeness happened in 2013 too.  A few that come to mind include:

  • Going to Vegas with the old man to watch the entire 2013 Pac-12 Men’s Tournament from the basketball equivalent of the 50 yard line.
  • Celebrating 20 years of being married to the same wonderful woman.
  • Taking the wife and kids for their first trip to Europe (Spain, France, Italy, Sicily, Croatia).
  • Watching my extended family grow, as my cousin got hitched to a great gal.
  • Mending some fractured relationships.
  • Eating at crazy good restaurants and checking off lots of items from the Omnivore 100 list.
  • Finding out that I work with some of the best people on the planet.

I’m fortunate enough to be able to spend the vast majority of my waking hours with people that I like and doing things that I love.  I’d rather focus on that than the actions of a couple of supreme assclowns.

family in france

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Fryman Canyon, You Suck

One of the great pleasures of going to visit my folks in LaLa Land has always been pretending I’m not in the city by going for a hike in the hills.  Unfortunately, thanks to the interwebs, celebs and general word of mouth, my once peaceful hike/jog through the hills now sucks.  That’s right, I’m talking about Fryman Canyon.  I think it officially goes by another name (Wilacre Park or some such nonsense), but it will always be Fryman Canyon to me.


When I was growing up, no one knew about this place.  It was quiet.  It was secluded.  You could go any time of the day and basically have the trail to yourself.  Then it became buzzworthy.  Celebs started going there, which meant that the paps started following.

Now if you don’t get on the trail by 7AM, you get to fight the glut of ridiculous housewives wearing $500 Juicy sweatsuits who have no idea about hiking courtesy or what it means when a runner is trying to pass you yelling “on your left”.  I assume they don’t know, since they continually ignore the warning and give dirty looks as you pass them.  Then they put their purse dogs down (they like to carry them instead of allowing them to walk on the path), let them dump out on the path and keep walking.  Because apparently they believe that the 3 bucks they pay for parking should also pay for someone to clean up after their dogs (assuming they actually pay the 3 bucks and don’t clog up Oakdell and Laurel Canyon).

The other reason people like the hike? George Clooney’s house.  Well, one of his houses anyway.  He owns a crazy plot right off the trail, so when you finish the hike, you get the honor of walking by his house.  This would be the street entrance to his tennis court and guest house (in the background).



Honestly, I’d be more excited to see the lovely former Miss Hancock, Stacey Keibler than Clooney.  Pretty sure I’ll never catch a glimpse of either though.

I’ll still do Fryman Canyon every time I go visit my folks.  It is after all a really nice little 2 mile trek and gives me a sweet 4.5 mile run when I do the round trip to and from the old house.  I just have to remember to get up there before all the beautiful people do.

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I haven’t been in the mood to write.  A few weeks ago I had to say goodbye to my dog Blue.  To be blunt, having to put my dog down absolutely sucked.  It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do.  For a little over 11 years, Blue was my boy.

I’ve had a number of dogs throughout the years, but Blue was really one of a kind.  He was unbelievably sweet and intuitive.  When my daughter was sick (ultimately diagnosed with Type 1 as many of you know), Blue was always at her side.  Whenever someone in the family was upset, Blue was always there to lend his silent support.  He was easily the most gentle, caring dog I’ve ever had.

Blue had a great run but in the end it was genetics that caught up with him.  Purebread golden retrievers are susceptible to a neurological disease called degenerative myelopathy that causes, among other things, hindquarter weakness and a lack of coordination of muscle movements in their legs.  Basically the nerves don’t fire correctly so his back legs would stop working from time to time.  There is no cure, so the symptoms just get worse and worse until the dog can no longer walk at all and becomes incontinent.

After much deliberation, we decided to euthanize Blue.  Toward the end he was lethargic, wouldn’t eat and generally looked pretty miserable.  The disease didn’t progress far enough to cause paralysis, but we could tell that it was time and wanted him to go out with his dignity intact.

When the time came to say goodbye, Blue’s vet Dr. Bender (from the Louisville Vet Clinic) came to our home to put Blue down.  Hopefully the fact that Blue was able to stay in his home until the end instead of in a vet’s office made his passing more comfortable.  I will always be grateful to Dr. Bender for helping us through such a difficult decision and process with the utmost care and support.

So that’s the deal.  I’ll get back to writing again soon, but right now I just miss my dog.

Blue Hanging with PoolDawg's Mascot Frank

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