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Who The Fuck Is Colt Cabana

A month or so ago, that was the question I was asking.  Why was I asking?  Well, he hosted one of the most important podcasts in his business about a month or so ago (yes, I’m a grown ass man and I watch wrestling.  A lot.  Deal with it) with one of the most talented guys to ever enter the squared circle.

See, there’s this guy who used to wrestle by the name of CM Punk.  A few months after he quit the WWE, he did a podcast with Colt Cabana, sharing his experiences and frustrations with the company.  Now there are a lot of guys with podcasts in that biz.  SCSA, Jericho, Jim Ross, Piper, they’ve all got ‘em  So how does some guy I’ve never heard of (mind you I started watching wrestling in 1981 shortly after Hogan took the strap off of the Iron Sheik) score such a cherry interview and why does the IWC (internet wrestling community) love this guy so much?


I gotta say, I was pretty hesitant to listen to the podcast.  I dig CM Punk and everything I was reading about the interview made him sound like a bitter old man (even more so than listening to King Kong Bundy piss and moan).  So, I looked into this Colt Cabana guy a bit more and how surprised was I that he’s a member of the tribe.  See, there aren’t many Jewish wrestlers (or Jewish pro athletes for that matter), so when I found out he’s on wrestling’s Jewish Mt. Rushmore (alongside Paul Heyman, Barry Horowitz and Goldberg) I was intrigued.

I proceeded to listen to two of the most engrossing hours I’ve ever heard on a podcast (and I’ve listened to quite a few podcasts over the years).  I’m not gonna tell you that there wasn’t some complaining in the interview, but the tone has been really overblown by the IWC.  What it really did for listeners was show the world a side of the WWE that is rarely available for public consumption.  As for the complaints, the guy was bitter.  He was improperly utilized during his tenure and frankly quite a bit of the VKM stuff didn’t surprise me at all.

It’s been known for some time that these guys are all allegedly commodities for VKM that just get redlined until their respective engines throw a rod.  There are exceptions to the rule (Brock, Rock, etc), but if you’re not getting heat or moving merch, you’re gonna get buried.  Punk got plenty of heat and moved a ton of merch, but that didn’t seem to kick in to full gear until the relationship was broken beyond repair (see the events leading up to the 2011 MITB).

Overall, I was pretty damn impressed.  The flow of the interview was solid, the questions weren’t a giant slow pitch softball fest and the information that was shared was pretty eye opening.  Will CM Punk ever don the tights again for the WWE.  I seriously doubt it.  Maybe a few years away from the biz will change his mind, but if even half of the stuff he talked about is accurate there’s no way he’ll be back.  The podcast is below, so take a listen and draw your own conclusions.

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Hanukkah Awesomeness

Whether you spell it Haunkkah or Chanukah, it doesn’t matter.  All that matters is the fact that we’re gonna light some candles over the next 8 nights, I’m gonna get some sweet ass socks (hopefully from Sock It To Me), the wife is gonna cook up some delicious latke and Guinness braised brisket and we don’t need to rely on Weird Al to give us this – sick – parody.

Mazel Tov motherfuckers.

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Zara And Their “Honest Mistakes”

Oh, those wacky kids over at Zara’s.  If you’re not familiar with the brand, think of it like Kohl’s or H&M for Europe.  They’ve got about 2,000 stores worldwide with pretty much all of them being located in Europe.  They focus on selling “fashion forward” clothes and accessories at affordable prices.  Apparently “fashion forward” is code for “racially insensitive”.

Back in 2007, the company briefly carried a bag with what appeared to be large swastikas on it:



The media caught wind of it and Zara’s released the following statement: “We did not realise Swastikas appeared on some of these bags, the swastika was not on the bag which was sourced by us after being supplied by an external producer.  Of course we apologise to anyone who was offended by the bag, and we will be withdrawing it from all our stores.”

Ok, fair enough I guess.  I’m not sure how the entire company at Zara’s (the buyers, the store managers, the floor staff) all seemed to miss the glaring and obvious, but they apologized and pulled the product.

Flash forward to the present and the good folks at Zara’s have done it again.  This time, they released a shirt designed for kids – blue and white striped shirt with a giant yellow Star of David “Sheriff’s Badge” on the front.


When asked about it by the Jerusalem Post, a Zara spokesperson stated: “It has nothing to do with the Second World War or whatever. The inspiration had to do with the old classic western movies. Obviously we are very attentive to the sensitivity of our customers. we made a mistake in this case.”

I can totally see how this was an “honest mistake”.  After all, it’s not like they’ve only released clothing that is insensitive to Jewish people.  Just a couple weeks ago, the company had to pull a t-shirt they were selling that stated in huge letters “White Is The New Black“.  Plus, if you look really, really closely, there is the word “Sheriff” that is barely legible on the star.

Based on Zara’s comments and behavior, their designers and buyers aren’t antisemitic or racist.  They’re just complete morons.

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