That Was Fast

Well, my prediction that Jon Embree would stay as head coach was clearly wrong.  The school kicked him to the curb yesterday, which in my opinion was too soon.  I hate seeing my Buffs go 1-11, but Embree didn’t have much to work with and for the most part was starting freshman and sophmores, none of whom were seasoned enough (or strong enough) to play every down in Pac-12 football.

As for replacement candidates, the Denver Post has a few listed, but there are a few additional names that should be added to the list:

Frank Solich, Ohio: Buff fans know this name well, as he coached Nebraska for a number of years.  He was good at Nebraska and has overachieved at Ohio.

June Jones, SMU: Great coach at Hawaii and deserves better than SMU.  Could absolutely rebuild the CU program.

Gary Anderson, Utah State: Took a program that was a complete disaster and turned them into a Top 25 team.

Mark Helfrich: I personally hate this option, as he was an awful Offensive Coordinator for us during the Hawkins years, but he is currently running the best offense in the country at Oregon, so I guess he’s worth a look.

Some Former NFL Coach: There are NFL coaches that get fired every year, so we may as well look at them as candidates.  If Jim Mora can turn UCLA around in one season, a former head coach from the NFL might make sense.  Especially one that is sick of the pressure and grind of the NFL.

That said, I wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up being Tedford (who just got fired at Cal) or Calhoun (who they’ve already tried to steal from Air Force before).  My guess is that we’ll have an announcement within a couple of weeks.  They’re not going to drag this out.

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