Five For Friday Link Love

Why do the Five for Friday thing?  Because nowadays everyone treats links like they’re cash money.  No one wants to give them away anymore and you’re pretty much expected to pull on the kneepads for anyone who gives you one.

Back in the day, we all used to link to each other because it was a community.  Now it’s all “what are you gonna do for me” crap.  Or worse yet, its “how much you gonna pay me”.  So every Friday (except the Fridays where I’m too lazy to post), I’m throwing 5 links to sites or peeps I like so I can spread a little link juice love (and I do mean little, since my schwag ass blog only pulls a 40/100 on domain authority).

  • Diabetesaliciousness: Kickass blog from a seriously funny lady who talks Type 1.  Skip the guest posts and go straight to Kelly’s entries.  Mad respect for Kelly Kunik.
  • Jerry Joseph: The baddest man on the planet.  Writes songs, sings ’em and tells lots of stories.  If he’s in your town, catch a show.
  • Heeb Magazine: And you thought I was a snarky, obnoxious, angry Jew.  Seriously, these cats are the OG’s.
  • Copyranter: If you write copy and/or design ads, you’ll like this.  For everyone else, move along, nothing to see here.
  • T. Plush’s Twitter feed: 8 degrees of awesome.  The fictional Twitter feed of Nyger Morgan’s alter ego ain’t too shabby either.

Rolling out with a little Soulshine from Warren and Gov’t Mule.  I know it’s way overplayed and is the wook equiv of Freebird, but I dig it every time I hear it.  Happy Friday bitches!

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