Mmmm… Turtle Burgers

I have a rule when it comes to travelling.  If I’m going somewhere that has a particular delicacy, I make a point to try it.  So, when we went to the Cayman Islands last week as part of our vacation, the choice was clear – Turtles.  The primary destination for us (as we were on a cruise, so you can only go to so many places in a day) was Boatswain’s Beach Turtle Farm.  Both of my kids love turtles, so it was a no brainer, especially when we found out that we could get hands on with them.

After a couple of hours of swimming and playing with the turtles, it was time to get our grub on.  When it came time for me to order, my girls were mortified when the phrase “turtle burger” came out of my mouth.  The waitress explained that this turtle farm was one of the largest legal producers of turtle meat in the world and that eating turtle meat on the island was pretty common, to which I then said something to the effect of “see kids, circle of life” which I thought was pretty amusing, but for some reason they didn’t.  So we talked a bit about how cows, deer, buffalo and lamb are all cute too, but that never stopped any of us from eating them.

My children decided to not try turtle meat, which was fine with me, because it wasn’t a huge burger.

As for how it tasted, it was fine, but not crazy good.  Pretty much like eating pork (yes, I’m a Jew and I eat pork, get over it).  As for the whole “turtle meat is an aphrodisiac” thing, all I can say that claim holds about as much water as oysters, artichokes and green M&Ms.

Sorry folks, it can’t be all about pool.

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  1. They had turtle soup and turtle stew on the menu, but it was so hot out that I opted for the burger and a Caybrew.

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