Hello world!

Yes, I realize that the title of this post is the lame ass generic “please change or delete me” title that comes with every WordPress installation.  I decided to keep it though, since there are people who want to know who I am and what I do (which can be found on the handy dandy (what I do, what I’ve done page).  If you’re looking for a certain pool blog that recently was wiped from the face of the interwebs, you won’t be find it here.  That’s not to say I won’t be writing about the wacky world of pool and billiards, but when I do, it probably won’t have quite the hard edged slant of that other site.

For the most part, I’m just gonna use this blog to write about things that I feel like writing about.  Sometimes it will be pool (probably more often than it should since I do work in the business) sometimes marketing, a dash of Jew talk (since I am a member of the tribe despite my proclivity polishing off for pork products) and of course the food, since it is very en vogue to do so (and I do love playing the role of the foodie).  As for that other blog, let’s just say that there were a number of “teachable moments” that came from the experience which I’ll be talking about once it’s a little less raw.

Anywho, we’ll see how it goes.

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